If you love food, at SpringFest we’ve got you covered! Come tickle your tastebuds with plenty of street food options to choose from, you can even pre-purchase a lunch pack for your child when purchasing your armbands.

College Run Food Stalls

There will be a number of College run food stalls at Brisbane Spring Fest this year. You will be able to identify these stores as members of staff will be wearing ‘Brisbane Christian College Staff’ shirts. Collect your pre-purchased lunch packs directly from the canteen.

For other pre-purchased food options (Fairy Floss, Sausage on Bread and Hamburgers) please go directly to the food stall applicable.

Purchase Here

Speciality Food Stalls

As well as College run food stalls this year we will also have some speciality food stalls. Some of the stalls that will be joining us this year are Rainbow Smash (slushee), The Fire Inside (pizza), Ice Cream Van, Grounds for Good (coffee), Nude Juice and Mini Melts (ice cream balls).

Other Foods Include


Corn on a Cob

Rainbow Smash

Ice Cream Van

Mini Melts




Fairy Floss


Calamari & Chips



Pavlova & Strawberries


Sausages & Burgers

Butter Chicken

Potato Swirls

The Fire Inside Pizza

Honey Puffs & Sliders